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HPGL to DXF File Conversion

In most companies, AutoCAD rules the roost when it comes to mechanical design. Many automated document control departments insist on the .DXF file format for archiving drawing documents. Unfortunately, DXF output is not widely available from many PCB design tools such as Allegro, PADs or P-CAD. Instead, these and many other PCB design tools provide plotter output in the form of an HPGL file.

If one wishes to edit a Fab or Assembly drawing for a PCB assembly in AutoCAD or similar Mechanical drafting CAD package, a method is needed to convert from HPGL to DXF format prior to import.

HP2DXF is such a tool. HP2DXF is a command line utility which runs under Win95, Win98 or WinNT with support for SunOS and Solaris available upon request. Download a free evaluation copy. This version will convert HPGL files to DXF without restriction until October 15, 1999. After that, it will continue to function, however "noise" will be added to the output DXF file.

hp2dxf.exe - Win98/98/NT (32 bit console application) Version 1.7

Note that this is an un-compressed DOS console application, not a windowed program. This allows its use in batch files when many files must be converted. To invoke the program, open an MS-DOS window and type:

hp2dxf -i <input file> -o <output file>
<input file> is any valid HPGL file
<output file> is the desired DXF file

Copies of the non-restricted version are available for USD $199.00 which includes a CD-ROM and printed manual. To order a non-restricted copy of hp2dxf or to report a bug in the current version, email the address shown on the homepage.